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Ungathered Thoughts


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Where to find me

Some (digital realm, open source) projects

๐ŸชกโŒš Patchwatch

Patches are an established community process for proposing and applying changes to software. Tracking patches across any number of projects can reduce duplicated effort in debugging issues. PatchWatch (in development) is a Symfony-based CLI tool for developer and CI usage to collect and review data on patches.

Behat Chrome Extension & Chrome Mink Driver

Ask me about Behat! I maintain one of several Mink drivers, dmore/behat-chrome-extension and dmore/chrome-mink-driver, as I use them in my day to day testing of applications with Behat.


I co-maintain hubot, "a simple helpful robot for your company". Mostly @joeyguerra charges ahead and I'm on the brakes in the PRs :D


Drupal projects

I'm not going to list these all here; see my Drupal community profile. I'm an active maintainer of several projects, and contributor to many more. I'm a member of the Drupal South Steering Committee from May 2023.

Github and Gitlab

You'll find more activity at my Github and Gitlab profiles.