Active Projects

Commerce DPS

Payment gateway for Drupal Commerce.

Commerce Payway Net

Payment gateway for Payway Net (Australian)

CSV Import

Example module for CSV importer in Drupal. (Consider also: Feeds.)


Integration module for Drupal to use Kaltura services

Menu Breadcrumb

Drupal module to let you use the current page’s menu hierarchy for its breadcrumb.

Ubercart Flo2Cash

Ubercart payment gateway for Flo2Cash

Ubercart MIGS

Ubercart payment gateway for Mastercard Internet Gateway Service

Ubercart PMA

Ubercart payment method adjustments module

Ubercart Payment Express

Ubercart payment gateways for DPS

Ubercart Payway Net

Ubercart payment gateways for Payway Net


Media bundling tool for Drupal

Obsolete projects

CiviCRM Clear Cached CCs

Hotfix for a security issue in CiviCRM. Equivalent functionality is included in core CivICRM as of v4.1.3, although the underlying issue CRM-12132 storing credit card details to DB remains open.

JS Error Log

Drupal 5 module to report JS errors from browser back to website. Put your visitors to work finding bugs!

OG Mailhandler

Drupal module integration code for Organic Groups <–> Mailhandler